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That angelic, yet tough, voice you hear in your head finally has a name.  Her name is “Pamme”.  Ain’t that just like a woman making even the simplest things confusing.  The music she plays is the one thing you can’t escape from.  She’s searching just like you.

Music and The City Magazine


Haven is fronted by lead vocalist Pamme - quite a revelation indeed! She has quite a presence on this material and as a vocalist in general is one of the best female leads I have heard in a long time. She has that touch that turns a straight ahead rock song into a more gut wrenching emotional experience and I shudder to think how much better she will become!

The harmonies and backing vocals and song arrangements keep the listener interested and entertained throughout. BOTTOM LINE: This is a great album of emotion filled rock, with a great new discovery leading the way on vocals. The album has a varied pace - from melodic rockers to sultry pop to powerful emotion filled power ballads - all with a very AOR twist. For fans of female fronted melodic rock, there is a new Queen in town.


Obviously, featuring a female singer will always bring comparisons with the immaculate Heart and for sure there are some elements there but Haven have a harder edge to their sound. John Vanselow is an excellent guitarist and he provides many thrilling moments but Pamme really steals the show with her powerful and emotion filled vocals. Her range is tremendous and she beautifully handles the full-blooded rockers and the enthralling ballad with equal aplomb.

Wondrous Stories Magazine


Meaningful, Passionate Melodic Rock with Serious Intensity and World-Class Production.

Gothic Ballads Sung From Within the Burning Heart of Rock and Roll!!! -

Matt Malley, former bassist of The Counting Crows

She has a thing for Kansas' Steve Walsh, she can sing like an angel, she's got the songs, she's amazingly gorgeous, she's got a killer band and she's worked with some of the hottest names in hard rock. -

Fireworks Magazine

“While it may sound like record company hype, every word is true: "Haven is the latest female fronted melodic rock sensation!"  Vocals are perfectly balanced with arrangements and the blend of styles included on the CD will delight the broadest of audiences.  Pamme's vocal prowess is captivating in every respect and her power is perfectly complimented by tremendous and standout guitar playing.

Material is evocatively sung with just the right level of vibrato and harmony vocal layering.

We were especially delighted with the vocal mix.

Pamme is never overwhelmed by the instruments; however, the songs clearly demonstrate John Vaneslow's guitar virtuosity and Michael Brody Stein's bass, guitar and keyboard skills.

Haven are a radio friendly band likely to draw tremendous exposure. And they must be great to see on stage. Certainly worth a trans-Atlantic journey in every respect, this rocking CD features absolutely stunning vocals. A must listen!”

Russell W Elliot - Musical Discoveries


“If you yearn for the days when radio-friendly bands had the ability to write good songs spanning a variety of emotions while maintaining a strong sense of melody, Haven is a band well worth searching out. Overall, the CD seems to have a certain uplifting spiritual feel to it without any overt Christian rock overtones. ”

The Pure Rock Shop


“Through the years I heard some great singers female and male. My favorite rock singer has always been Ann Wilson (Heart). Since I received this CD I have a new name on the top of my list. Pamme does not only look awesome she has also an amazing voice. All songs also feature the excellent guitar work of John Vanselow.”

Bruno Van de Velde - Undertow Webzine

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